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Spring and Summer Fun!

Put the Winter behind you and get ready for Spring 2019! We have some exciting classes to share with you. March 23, 2019 expand your culinary knife skills. On May 11, 2019 travel to France and learn all about the Five Mother Sauces. In June we will have a brand new class, Farm to Fork, where you will explore our own Waco Downtown Farmers Market and prep for two recipes using fresh ingredients. Register for classes at

See you in class!

Chef Sheri's Tips


Each Mother Sauce produces two to three secondary sauces and host of derivitive sauces.



The key to developing rich sauces is in mastering the art of making a Roux.



Over-hydrated or thin sauces can be saved by making "slurry"; part cool sauce or liquid plus starch for thickening.

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