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Knife Skills

Knife Skills 101 is perfect for a beginner or if you need a refresher. Learn the basic knife cuts to streamline your cooking process.

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5 Mother Sauces

Learning these five basic sauces opens a whole new world to your kitchen. Once you master the Mother Sauces, you can make many derivatives.

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West African Influences on Southern Cuisine

Truly a cultural and culinary enrichment for your palate. A fun and exciting way to explore the great contributions West African cooking techniques gave to Southern Cuisine.

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Creole Cuisine

Creole cooking at its finest! Enjoy preparing authentic Southwest Louisiana Creole recipes from the Heart of Acadiana.

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Herbs & Spices

Cultivate your palate by learning how to use herbal aromatics and spice blends that will enhance your meals.

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Farm Fresh

Cooking fresh is always best. Learn how to plan, shop, and process fresh fruit and vegetables. 

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